Research by Interval International Reveals Timeshare Sales Potential

 Feb, 11 - 2013   1 comment   Buy Timeshare Resale

As recently reported by Business Wire, Interval International conducted a comprehensive study of their US Membership Profile for 2012. This online study posted quite a few interesting details that tells us what is happening in the minds of timeshare owners and timeshare buyers.

For example, “Fully eight out of 10 acquired their timeshare interests from resort project developers and management companies.”  The other half of that number is two out of 10. Twenty percent of timeshare buyers purchased their timeshare from somewhere besides the resort developer. Plus, they probably bought at a discount of twenty five to fifty percent off the retail price.

Twenty percent! Timeshare resales accounted for 20% of all timeshares sold in the US! Another study by TRiG for ARDA showed that the number one way those sellers sold their timeshare was through “a licensed real estate broker that specializes in timeshare but is independent from any specific resort or company.” (source) Timeshare Resales is a huge business in the US. To say otherwise is ignoring facts. The timeshare resort developers are number one in ignoring this fact. They take every opportunity to cut up the timeshare resales business as if it were a criminal enterprise. Tell that to the thousands of timeshare sellers and buyers who just bought their timeshare week at a huge savings.

Timeshare resales brokers have the credentials, knowhow, and experience to get these sales closed and the original owners paid.

More about this study tomorrow . . .

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