Interval International Timeshare Study Reveals Sales Potential

 Oct, 21 - 2011   no comments   Sell Timeshare Resales

Continuing from yesterday’s article, the study by Interval International revealed a lot about their timeshare members’ favorite destinations. Here’s the quote, “Florida, California, Hawaii, Arizona and South Carolina represent the most frequently cited destinations members would like to visit in the next two years. Internationally, they cite the Caribbean as their most preferred locale.”

For timeshare owners in the US those vacation destinations have for many years been their top choices. And I would say in that order of preference also. Florida timeshares offer much of what vacation and holiday travelers want: warm weather, the beach, entertainment, and a sense of getting away from it all. With Disney in central Florida and 663 miles of perfect beaches all around the state (according to, Florida has the best setup for successful timeshare resorts and sales.

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