Housing Cost Down Earnings Up In Las Vegas – And Timeshares?

 Aug, 18 - 2011   no comments   Sell Timeshare Resales

In two separate news stories today, the lights seem a little brighter in Las Vegas!

First, The Business Review Journal has ranked Las Vegas the number one place to buy a home today! “With prices at 20-year lows, Las Vegas ranks as the best city in the country to buy a home instead of renting, a survey by San Francisco-based Trulia.com real estate listing service shows.”

Second, this headline “Stratosphere’s parent company sees second – quarter losses shrink” reflects some improvement in the revenue and profit of one of the iconic hotel casinos in Las Vegas.

Also, new projects are getting back on track with freed up funding. These are all good signs for the Las Vegas outlook.

Soon we should see more promotion for Las Vegas timeshare resorts. Often the investment in developing the timeshare business is linked to the town’s own financial situation. As more people begin to travel to Las Vegas and more OPC timeshare tours are arranged the sales will begin to rise as well.

I hope the timeshare resorts do get back on track by completing projects that were put on hold and the boom returns to Las Vegas.

Las Vegas has many great timeshare resorts to choose from – whether buying or renting. Here is a list of the top ten best selling timeshares on the resale market:

HGV Club timeshares rule the market for timeshare resales in Las Vegas.

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