Hilton and Westgate Make Deal on Planet Hollywood Timeshare Resort

 Dec, 07 - 2011   1 comment   Sell Timeshare Resales

In a move to strengthen Westgate’s financial position they have sold their Las Vegas Planet Hollywood project to Hilton.

Westgate CEO David Siegel said in a statement, “We are pleased with this transaction with RFA, which is part of a larger transaction with our lenders to ensure the future success of our company.”

Hilton Grand Vacations will rebrand the project as a Hilton Grand Vacations Destination. Westgate recently lost their ability to finance their timeshare sales out of the Planet Hollywood timeshare. Thus the sale.

Planet Hollywood timeshare resort has 12,000 existing owners. All are assured service will continue without a hitch.

As you can see in the top ten best selling timeshare list below, Hilton’s three timeshare projects in Las Vegas are already in the top ten best selling list for Las Vegas timeshares. The addition of the Plant Hollywood timeshare project will widen Hilton’s presence in Las Vegas even further.

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  • Sandy Rodriguez says:

    I have an annual contract for a 2-bedroom lockout at what used to be the Westgate Planet Hollywood Towers (now Hilton) and despite what this article states that CEO David Siegel claims that the 12,000+ existing owners of PH Towers Westgate will continue with full ownership rights and benefits associated with their original purchase from Westgate Resorts (and we were all assured the same)–well, despite that “promise” or “pledge” or perhaps just a media rouse for all looking on to give us that false sense of security that Westgate would keep their promises to the people they sold their properties, Hilton has decided NOT to honor our “right” to rollover our week and use it at OUR resort the following year. We were told we could NOT use our week at Elara despite our ownership “rights” and that we would have to talk with Westgate (who refers us to Elara/Hilton who refers us to Westgate–a very vicious exhausting, irritating, proverbial step-childlike process we keep having to endure. So where is CEO David Siegel and what is he doing to make this right??? This is so wrong on every level!!!

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