Hilton’s Non – Statement on Timeshare Damage – Hurricane Irene

 Aug, 31 - 2011   no comments   Sell Timeshare Resales

On WebWire.com Hilton published a press release about their resorts (timeshares included) damaged by recent storms – Hurricane Irene.

Maybe it is more of a non-statement. Here’s how Hilton phrased it, “None of our hotels or resorts in the affected areas sustained any significant damage caused by the storm. While some properties in the affected areas did experience temporary power outages, most of our hotels and resorts are fully functional . . ”

So is “significant damage” having the roof ripped off or blown off the foundation? Then there’s the reassuring “most of our hotels” quote. “Most” is not the same as “All”. Translation: “Some of our hotels and resorts are NOT fully functional . . “

So Hilton, which hotels, resorts, and timeshares are not fully functional? That would convey more information than your flaccid press release. Just tell the owners and customers. They have the “Need to Know”.

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