Planning a Hilton Head Island Timeshare Vacation? Heads Up On Traffic

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Traffic? Isn’t that what a vacation is all about. Not being in traffic but avoiding traffic? Sure. That is just the reason why more coordination is needed on U S 278 to make it flow smoothly. According to the, a local publication, the Saturday traffic on US 278 is miles long and at a standstill.


Once you plod through all that traffic then you have to stand in line for how long? Long enough to get checked in to your timeshare where you made your reservations eight months ago.

More Stress.

Once you arrive at your timeshare unit with all your bags, exhausted from the drive and hassle, you discover that something is wrong with your timeshare unit and you have to move. What could possibly be wrong? You name it, I have just about seen it all: from plugged toilets to broken washing machines to much more disgusting things. I’ll leave it at that.

More Stress Again.

Good thing you are on a relaxing vacation. Right?

So folks in coastal South Carolina, everyone appreciates the four lanes in each direction on the 278. Even better the bypasses for the intersection with 170. But when you get close to the island, please use the specialized timing available at intersections along the way. Keep the traffic flowing so that when we check into our timeshares we won’t bite off anyone’s head in the process!

We won’t really bite anyone. But for the safety of everyone on 278 on Saturday afternoons let’s get it going.

Like they say, “Either drive it, or pull it over and milk it!”

(I finally got that quote in after writing this blog for three years. Yay!)

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