HGV Las Vegas Hilton to Lose Hilton Franchise

 Jun, 30 - 2011   no comments   Sell Timeshare Resales

One of the stalwart performers of the Las Vegas timeshare market is about to lose their franchise agreement with Hilton. HGV Las Vegas Hilton was notified Wednesday by Hilton Worldwide notified the owner that it plans to terminate its franchise agreement by the end of the year. (source)

Colony Resorts LVH Acquisitions LLC is the owner of the Las Vegas Hilton. One of their spokesman said that they have been in discussions with other major hotel brands and may re-engage with Hilton soon about a new franchise agreement.

This historic timeshare first opened as the Las Vegas Hilton in 1971. Soon thereafter it began selling timeshare units out of the nearly 3,000 rooms and 305 suites.

It is always a good time to sell or buy a timeshare at the Las Vegas Hilton. It may not continue with the HGV Hilton affiliation but given the location and history of the resort it will continue to have a lot of interest. Its location, next to the Las Vegas Convention Center, will also help keep sales alive. The convention center is host to hundreds of events each year and draws several hundred thousand visitors.

If you want to sell your HGV Las Vegas Hilton this is always a good time to sell. If you want to buy Las Vegas Hilton timeshares there are many on the market at good prices.

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