The GOOD News About Timeshares

 May, 14 - 2013   no comments   Sell Timeshare Resales

If you notice the daily news about the timeshare industry most of it is negative. There is plenty of bad news about timeshare scam artists, bad experiences, and rip off deals in the world of timeshare. The truth is that bad news always gets ten times as much publicity as the good news.

The good news about timeshares is that they maintain the highest occupancy rates, boast the highest customer satisfaction ratings, 8 million people own them, and the resort developers are still building.

Timeshare buyers are still looking for deals on timeshare purchases. They often go to reputable timeshare resales experts to find their timeshare deals and get them closed.  The timeshare resales market is growing by leaps and bounds while most timeshare developers are reluctant to get in to that phase of timeshare ownership.

Selling your timeshare is in fact the final phase of timeshare ownership. Virtually no one keeps their timeshare forever. And when it comes time to sell your timeshare, it would be wise to seek out a timeshare resales expert with decades of experience, credentials, and a network of timeshare industry contacts to get the deals sold and closed.  A timeshare resales group such as is home to the largest and oldest established network of timeshare advertisers, sales, negotiation, and title work in the world. No one has the depth of contacts and network of timeshare specialists they do.

Experience you can count on.

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