3 Keys to Getting Your Timeshare Sold

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Without a doubt, you have heard countless stories from other timeshare owners about how hard it is to sell your timeshare. Their experiences of trying to sell timeshare by running ads led to calls from clueless buyers, tons of wasted time, getting low ball offers that were completely worthless, and confusion about the process.

Having heard these stories from other timeshare owners has discouraged you from selling. So year after year you pay the maintenance fee and curse the day you bought your timeshare.  The situation seems totally hopeless.

There are three keys to getting your timeshare sold and I’ll explain each one so you will not fear the process and get the unpleasant task done once and for all.

Key #1 – Setting the Price

Without true comparable sold prices it is hard to decide how to set your price. Let’s say for example that timeshare resort ABC is selling units similar to yours for $14,000. If you were to ask the same price for your timeshare your buyer would have no reason to buy from you. If you were to offer your timeshare for sale for half of the going rate, $7,000 in this example, then the buyer would be motivated to check it out. I’m not saying you would succeed in selling for that amount, but at least you would be competing with the resort developer.

And as with everything else, the lower your price, the faster you will sell your timeshare.

Key #2 – Setting Realistic Expectations

If you start off the process of selling your timeshare with the goal of making a profit you will give up fairly fast.  The salesman probably told you it was going to grow in value. Nothing could be further from the truth. Timeshares are not an investment. At this point you will be trying to cut your losses. The maintenance fees will never go away unless you sell it. Be ready to reduce your price so that you can get your timeshare sold.

You also need to be realistic about how long it will take to sell your timeshare. Finding a buyer could take a year or longer. Getting the timeshare closed by the title company may take 6 months or more in some states. This is a slow process and patience is required.

Key #3 – Using a Timeshare Resales Company

Not all timeshare resales companies are the same. In fact, lots of them have very little experience in getting timeshare sales closed. Maybe they can run an ad but that’s as far as they will likely take it.

What you’d need is a timeshare resales company with a track record of successfully closed sales, a well trained and licensed staff, and a network of title companies and/or attorneys with extensive experience closing timeshare sales. Not just any title company can get a timeshare sale closed. Most have never done even one.

Leave the heavy lifting to timeshare sales professionals. They will get you a better price, get the task done right the first time, and end your ties to your timeshare.

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