How To Get Rid Of A Timeshare That Is Paid Off

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How do I get rid of my timeshare? It is paid off!

The fact that your timeshare is paid off will make it easier to get rid of. Far too many owners will carry a significant loan balance on their timeshare for many years with no hope of the value growing. Having a loan balance to pay off would limit how negotiable you are on the price and add several more steps to the closing process.

But you have no worries there because you have paid off your timeshare and are now ready to get rid of it and move on to other things.

The first option is to sell your timeshare. Since you have no loan balance you can go as low as you want on your asking price if you want to speed up the process. But be careful! Lots of timeshare owners have the unrealistic expectation that because their timeshare is paid off it is worth more. Maybe to you but not the buyer. So be realistic in setting your price for your timeshare. If you decide to sell your timeshare be sure to use a timeshare resale broker. That way you know a professional is handling the sale for you.

No loan on your timeshare? Consider donating it to charity. Just be sure they are aware of the annual cost involved and the possibility of a special assessment.

Pay someone to get you out of it through any number of methods. Make sure you get a reliable testimonial from someone you know who had success in dealing with this company in dumping their timeshare. Especially if you have to pay them a fee to get the legal work done. And be sure you are not paying them to take your timeshare in exchange for yet another vacation plan.

Give it back to the resort. On the surface that sounds like the fastest and best way to do it. The problem is that very few timeshare resorts want the week back. They want you to keep paying your maintenance fees year after year. It cost them a lot of money to find you – the buyer. They would lose money to lose you as an owner. The math just does not work out for the timeshare resort so they rarely take them back. You can still try. The worst thing that could happen is that they would say no.

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