Florida Time Share Resale Scams – New Law Needs Governor’s Signature

 Mar, 09 - 2012   1 comment   Sell Timeshare Resales

The Attorney General of Florida, Pam Bondi, sponsored a new law for the state of Florida that intends to put a stop to the state’s number one complaint: Timeshare resales fraud. The timeshare scams normally work like this. A call comes to a timeshare owner out of the blue and the caller claims to already have a buyer for their timeshare. All the timeshare owner needs to do is send them hundreds or thousands of dollars to tie up the loose ends. The fraudulent company banks the money, sells no timeshares and the owner is left with nothing for their money.

The new law will require a signature from the owner on a contract that explains what they are getting for their money. However, there are already laws in place that should prevent this from happening. So why the new law? It looks like a knee jerk reaction to a problem that the state of Florida cannot control.

The governor of Florida will likely sign the new law into effect. The criminals will still keep sticking it to the timeshare owners and the whole industry will not be much better.

At least around election time the Attorney General and governor will look like they care.

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  • The governor complaint site —” we will file your inquiry” great!! where – How – do we get satisfaction & see our money these crooks in jail.

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