Exchanging Your Timeshare – 3 Easy Steps

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One of the most frustrating aspects of owning a timeshare is having trouble exchanging you timeshare for another. I have heard stories from hundreds of timeshare owners who complain they can never make their timeshare exchange work in their favor. It does not matter if you use RCI or Interval International. The complaints are the same.

Here are the three critical steps to making your dream vacation come true when you exchange your timeshare.

Moon Palace Timeshare Resort Cancun

Moon Palace Timeshare Resort Cancun

Plan Ahead

Plan ahead. You cannot wait until one month or two months before your vacation to request an exchange and expect to get it. At a minimum you need to make your request six months in advance. Nine months is even better. There are some timeshare resorts that if you do not make your request a year ahead of time you will never get in. If you are more of a spontaneous traveler don’t plan on using your timeshare when you travel. That is just the reality of how the system works. The timeshare resorts will not leave a room empty for a week if they can rent it – and yes, they will rent it out to a non-owner or sell it to RCI/II wholesale. Plan your timeshare exchange six months in advance.

Flexible Time

While planning that far in advance you still have to be flexible about when you want to get that week. If you plan on using your timeshare on a summer vacation make your request for three different weeks in the summer. Do not request, for example, three different resorts all on the 4th of July or Labor Day. Spread out your three choices on the calendar and you have a better chance by far.

Sheraton Vistana Orlando Timeshare Resort

Sheraton Vistana Orlando Timeshare Resort

Flexible Place

Finally, be flexible on your destination. If you attempt to reserve a timeshare week during a major event at a specific location the hotels and timeshare resorts will be jam packed with requests. You would end up being very unlucky if you make your three choices all in Key West around Fantasy Week. Or, all in Daytona Beach during Bike Week. Keep an eye on other events around your timeshare exchange destination even if they are of no interest to you.

So that’s it: Plan Ahead, Flexible Time, Flexible Place. If you mix it up you have a much better chance of getting a timeshare exchange choice you’d be happy with.

What are the top ten best timeshare resorts requested? Here they are in order from #1.Sheraton’s Vistana Orlando

The Manhattan Club

Orange Lake Country Club

Marriott’s Desert Springs Villas I

HGVClub at Flamingo Las Vegas 

Morritts Tortuga Club 

Powhatan Plantation Resort 

Palm Beach Shores Resort 

The Westin Ka’anapali Ocean Resort Villas 

Marriott’s Kauai Beach Club

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