Epic Snowfall In Northeast – Ski Report

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Snow pack 2

Snow Pack as of February 19, 2015

Buildings in Boston are caving in, mountains of snow are piling up in parking lots, streets are jammed with stranded cars, and the snowfall this year is epic to say the least.

Timeshare ski resorts in the northeast US are going to reap a benefit from all the snowfall by enjoying a longer ski season. The snow pack is getting deeper and deeper all across the northeast.

Ski resort timeshares have enjoyed full occupancy this year during ski season and the weather has been very cooperative. Thanks to better than average snows in November the slopes started off with adequate snow. Fresh powder continues to fall across the area giving skiers an excellent experience.

Advice from AlpineZone.com for skiing this year, “As skiers, we always want to rush off into the snow, but please be safe out there. This is a huge amount of snowfall and if you aren’t staged at your location, you probably will want to consider waiting for roads to be cleared rather than drive through the white out conditions.”  I’d say that’s good advice. Don’t get yourself in a bind because you are in a hurry.

Blizzard 2015Here’s the “hottest” ski resorts in Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, and Massachusetts:


New Hampshire

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