East Coast Timeshares and Hurricane Irene Damage

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It will take quite a while to find out what the bottom line is for timeshare owners whose timeshare was damaged by Hurricane Irene.

Many logistical problems will slow down the progress: lack of power, communication, and basic infrastructure problems.

Hurricane Irene Radar Image

Hurricane Irene

In addition, structural engineers and insurance inspectors will be mobilized by the thousands to start evaluating the cause of the damages. They have to evaluate what kind of damage and exactly what contributed to the damage: wind or water, or possibly construction mistakes.

That all takes time. So be patient while all the timeshare resorts begin the process of rebuilding and repairing. If you live outside the damaged area you can search out timeshare forums where timeshare owners talk to each other about what is going on. Be sure to separate fact from fiction and again – be patient.

There are hundreds of timeshare resorts in the area of wind and flood damage. In fact the damaging floods may not be over in some areas. As soon as you are able get in touch with the resort management organization and find out how best to track their progress on resolving those tough questions.

Some timeshare resorts may be able to accept guests soon, some may have to completely rebuild.

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