Dump That Timeshare! This is not the 1980’s

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Ah…the 80’s; Punk rock, big hair, leg warmers, the DOS® operating system, and MTV®.  There was no Xbox®, cell phones, or World Wide Web.  Roller-skating with your friends on a Friday night was on fire – and so were timeshare sales.

Timeshare.  What an incredible idea.  The guarantee of having a room waiting for you at a beautiful resort in your favorite vacation spot, and possibly getting financing so it was affordable was too good to be true.  No more flipping through the pages of an  AAA® book and reserving a room based on their rating, a brief description, and a vague list of amenities.  Were the rooms big?  Was the pool awesome?  There’s a restaurant on site, but what did it serve?

You could always use a travel agent to book your room, but you had to search through endless brochures or trust the agent to find you the perfect spot.  Travel agents were good at their job, but no agent, as good as they were, could possibly know all the hotels, motels, resorts, amenities, cost and proximity to attractions anywhere in the world.  It took research, and they didn’t work for free.  The chance of getting a good deal was slim to none.

Today, we have the ability to check out every hotel, motel and resort in the area we plan to vacation.  Dozens of travel websites are in competition, which means you have a good chance of getting a great price.  No more wondering about the spot you booked either.  Websites have everything you need to know about the place you booked, including pictures and feedback.  No longer do you need to rely on the opinion of AAA® or a travel agent, but actual people who have stayed at the place you chose.

A lot has changed in thirty-five years – including the reality of timeshare.  It’s not such an incredible idea after all.  Rising  maintenance fees, the inability to actually trade it for any other timeshare in the world, and the redundancy of having to go to the same vacation spot every year or lose your week has people losing their minds.

Now that you own a timeshare, how do you dump it?

There are actually several ways to rid yourself of this elephant on your back.  One option is to list it for sale with a professional timeshare resale company, but don’t expect to make a profit.  Depending on the resort and week you own, you may have to sell it at a loss.   Another way is to trade it for “points” which you can actually use as different resorts.  Some companies will take it off your shoulders for a fee.  You will lose your investment, but rid yourself of those costly annual maintenance fees.

Here is some information on the most reliable and trustworthy options to get rid of your timeshare:

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