Don’t Trust The Weather Man To Sell Your Timeshare

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weathermanDon’t Trust The Weather Man To Sell Your Timeshare. Really, don’t.

Especially if he works for Premier Timeshare Solutions of West Palm Beach.

Former weather forecaster for WPTV, Rob Lopicola, allegedly used the “I already have your timeshare sold” scam while asking timeshare owners to send him thousands of dollars to get the deal done.

” (Palm Beach Post)

Fortunately, a man hunt was not necessary since he was already in jail serving a 56 month sentence for an unrelated crime. He will have to face not only angry timeshare owners, but a judge and jury as well.

At least that will be one less unscrupulous timeshare scam artist out of business and off the street.

The damage that is done by this sort of crime is deep and long lasting. It leaves a negative impression of the timeshare industry as a whole when it is gaining reputation and improving along every aspect.

Customer satisfaction is at an all time high with timeshares. Rescission rates are low (how often new timeshare owners give them back). Timeshare resorts are consistently higher in occupancy (and therefore desirability) than hotels. New timeshare resorts are being built where no hotels dare dream of breaking new ground. Shares of stock with Starwood, Marriott, and the other big players are now a consistent “buy” or “hold” rating.

So when this type of scandal rips the headlines it is a set back for not just the timeshare sales industry but for many aspects of the travel and lodging industry as well.

Fortunately, there are still reputable and active timeshare resale brokers who consistently do things right, make both parties a winner, close timeshare deals with no loose ends, and give timeshare owners peace of mind.

Timeshare Resale Broker.

Remember that phrase. You will need it some day when you need professional advice and confidence in a legitimate real property transaction.

Timeshare = Real Property. If you don’t think so, look at the deed.


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