Disney Gets Ok To Raise Timeshare Fees

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I first started following this story in August when it was discovered that for over a year Disney’s Aulani resort in Hawaii had undercharged owners for maintenance fees. One of the important factors in making timeshare sales in the first place is convincing the buyer that the maintenance fee is worth it. But for over a year Disney Aulani timeshare did not charge enough and several Disney execs were fired.

Now Disney has received permission from Hawaiian state regulators to raise their timeshare maintenance fees by 33%. This also makes it possible for timeshare sales to resume at this new Disney timeshare resort.

How could such a glaring oversight go unnoticed for a year? That is not how Disney normally runs their business. Now the timeshare sales people at Aulani will have a little harder job closing sales for buyers that are conscious of the high cost of maintenance fees. Nonetheless, I am sure Disney Vacation Resorts will sell plenty.

Before long, these Disney Aulani timeshare resort properties will start showing up on the timeshare resales market. It happens all the time. I have even seen timeshare resales come on the market before the resort finishes construction. Talk about buyers’ remorse!

So if you want to save on the initial cost of a Disney timeshare, buy Disney timeshares on the resale market. Plenty of Disney timeshare owners want to sell or will want to sell in the future. And if you are ready to sell your Disney timeshare, no better place to get the job done than at RPMLS.com. They have the size, network, and experience to get your timeshare sold, closed, and transferred to someone else.

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