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One of the best known landmarks in the United States is Walt Disney World. Buying a timeshare in Orlando would be a wise thing to do if you plan on going to the Orlando/Kissimmee region often.  Why?  Over time, you would save thousands of dollars on lodging. In addition, your accommodations in a timeshare are much larger, nicer, and loaded with amenities that a hotel could never match.  Depending on the timeshare resort, you would have golf, swimming, entertainment, water sports, bus shuttles, and more. So it just makes sense. Plus, all the Disney attractions would be nearby.

“But what if I own a timeshare in Orlando Florida, and I want to sell it?”  Now is as good of a time as any to go ahead and get it in front of as many buyers as possible.  Enlist the help of timeshare professionals like those at www.rpmls.com to guide you through the process.  Selling your Orlando timeshare would make sense if you have come to a point where you no longer use it every year.  The timeshare maintenance fees will not just go away.

By the Pool at Orange Lake Country Club

By the Pool at Orange Lake Country Club

Some of the best selling timeshares in Orlando include those developed by Marriott, Westgate, and Sheraton. Also, Orange Lake Country Club has been one that has performed well on the timeshare resales market. Most of these will be close to Walt Disney World and offer far more than a hotel ever could.

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  • Mike says:

    I have stayed in a timeshare every time I’ve gone to Orlando. We always took the children to Disney and enjoyed both Disney and the timeshare amenities.

  • Great Post, I believe that for the best value for money you will find it hard to beat a timeshare/villa vacation home, especially for the larger groups and families.

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