Discounted Timeshares For Sale By Owner

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Discounted Timeshares For Sale By Owner

Last month, while I was at a family reunion, my cousin proudly told me she had just bought a timeshare. I resisted the temptation to ask how much she paid and listened to her story. She said the sales rep told her should buy NOW because there were no other resorts on the island of St John. (She bought a Westin St John by the way.)  She and her husband are both very intelligent but somehow forgot that I had spent nearly fifteen years selling timeshares on the resale market and I could have saved them perhaps over $10,000 in their hard earned money. I never said “I told you so” or “you should have bought from me” but I did ask how long ago she purchased with the hopes that she could rescind her purchase and buy from me so I could save her a huge amount of money.

The moral of the story is this: Friends don’t let friends buy timeshares from the resort. Buy resale and save a huge amount of cash. It is almost like buying a used car and paying the new price for it. It just isn’t smart.

Using a timeshare resale broker to make your timeshare buying decision is the way to go. Plenty of timeshare owners have decided to sell their timeshare. There are thousands of discounted timeshares for sale by owner. You just have to find them. The way to do that is to find a reputable timeshare resale broker who has closed a few thousand deals.

Discounted timeshares for sale by owner. Save your money.

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