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Is your timeshare a Diamond Resorts Timeshare? There is a good chance of it! Diamond Resorts International owns and/or manages 89 timeshare resorts and 163 affiliated resorts in 33 countries. Consider the size of their operation. 89 timeshare resorts163 affiliated resorts33 countries

San Luis Bay Inn Timeshare For Sale

San Luis Bay Inn Timeshare For Sale

In addition, Diamond Resorts International (timeshare)  has more than 490,000 owners and members.

An investment commentary article yesterday on the Motley Fool website said this, “Vacation Interest sales, commonly known as timeshares, exhibited very strong growth as well — up 48.5% to $123.7 million. Making up the bulk of Diamond Resorts’ business and revenue, vacation interest grew due to increased marketing and sales tours and a 36% increase in the average sale price.” Those numbers came from Diamond’s first ever third quarter report. The company went public very recently.

The growth in sales for Diamond is not peculiar at this moment in time. Timeshare resorts worldwide are reporting a huge surge in sales. Some are more profitable as well. I’ve discussed the phenomena of the timeshare market’s growth many times on this and other blogs. The main reason for growth in timeshare sales is a combination of pent up demand,  consumer confidence, and better financing options for the resort developers.

They continue on in the article to say that Diamond Resorts is the best play in the timeshare market. I’m glad they didn’t use the word “investment”. Even though buying shares in the company (NYSE – DRII) is nothing like buying a timeshare, I still get light headed any time someone uses the word “investment” and “timeshare” in the same sentence. Owning a timeshare is a terrible investment if you are looking to profit from buying and then selling it. You will most certainly lose money when you sell. The investment value in owning a timeshare is when you use it. That is when you save money compared to what a comparable vacation resort would cost.

Poipu Point Vacation Resort Timeshare For Sale

Poipu Point Vacation Resort Timeshare For Sale

And speaking of saving money, there are owners of Diamond Resort timeshares that are ready to sell! Selling your timeshare is something that instills fear and trembling in the heart. But that should not be so. There are reliable and trustworthy timeshare resale companies who have the experience and credentials to get the job done. One such timeshare resale company can be found at www.RPMLS.com. Having been in business over 30 years and sold over $100 million in timeshares for owners speaks volumes about what you can expect. Sales results may not come overnight or at the price you’d prefer but it can be done.

Here are the top ten best selling timeshares for Diamond. This is based on real time sales data – closings.


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