Deceptive Timeshare Sales Tactics “I Was Misled”

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deceptive timeshare sales tactics

It is very possible that if you bought a timeshare at the resort, someone may have used a deceptive timeshare sales tactic on you. You remember the “90 minute presentation” that lasted for hours on end? That is when the timeshare sales staff took turns laying on guilt and pressure to buy a timeshare. If you were lied to or misled about the timeshare you bought you may have legal recourse! Keep reading to see if these promises sound familiar.

“This will only take 90 minutes.” If you have ever been to a timeshare tour you know the fallacy of the 90 minute claim. Just walking around the resort takes 90 minutes. Plus, after you sit through the sales pitch, hours have gone by. It is very common for it to last at least 3 hours. And what did you get in return? A ticket to a show?

“This offer is good today only!”  They may have even claimed you are getting the best price in the room – but only for right then. A sales manager will be summoned to lower the price and close you with a signature. Even if so, you will still be paying far too much for the timeshare. Definitely a deceptive timeshare sales tactic!

deceptive timeshare sales tactics

“We will send you the contract later.” Truth be told, you may never see in writing what you were promised by the salesman or sales woman. You should be able to demand to see everything in writing. If it isn’t written, it wasn’t said! I cannot count how many times a timeshare owner got switched to a downgraded ownership without knowing. They thought they bought an annual two bedroom, but the paperwork said, “Bi-annual one bedroom.”

“You can trade your timeshare for any location, even Hawaii!” Chances are you will not be able to evenly trade your timeshare week for anything in Hawaii. The laws of supply and demand just will not allow it. That is, unless you pay a massive fee to upgrade to a better location, like Hawaii. Again, definitely a deceptive timeshare sales tactic!

“This timeshare is a great investment.” BIG LIE!   A timeshare is a terrible investment. Sure, the sales prices at the resort are going up like a rocket but that does not mean their value is going up a dime. As soon as you buy your timeshare, the value of it goes down at least 50%. A timeshare is never considered an investment. It is a liability that has fees and financial responsibilities along with it.

“Your timeshare maintenance fee will increase very little, if at all.” Another lie! The contract itself will most likely say the fees can go up 25% a year or more. And thanks to loop hole laws in Florida for example, the timeshare developer can raise the fees as much as they want without your knowledge or consent.

“Easy to sell, easy to rent out.” No. Not ever. There are far more timeshares than there are buyers. Some timeshares cannot even be sold for $1 on EBay!  Don’t count on the resort renting out your timeshare for you. You will still be stuck with the annual fees – even if you can’t use it yourself. This is one of the worst deceptive timeshare sales tactics!

The solution? Do not ever buy a timeshare at the resort for the retail price. Buy a timeshare (if you must) on the resale market. You will save tens of thousands of your hard earned dollars. THAT I CAN GUARANTEE!

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