What Does It Cost to OWN a Timeshare?

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Remember the Cost To Own!

The new BMW i8 plug-in hybrid sports car is parked before the official delivery to the first customer in MunichWhen deciding what price to put on your timeshare you need to keep in mind how much it costs to own it. Here’s and example of how that works. BMW sells new cars with maintenance contracts so that you’ll never have to worry about expensive repairs in a few years. If you can “prepay” for repairs on an automobile it will reduce the cost to own it. I own a high mileage older BMW. I have NO maintenance contract. The last time I had to get something repaired I nearly fainted when they gave me the estimate. COST TO OWN.

Timeshare maintenance fees dramatically impact the “saleability” of a timeshare. When you disclose that the annual maintenance fee is well over $1,000 you better get ready to drop your asking price or the buyer will throw in the towel on owning a timeshare – period! It is expensive to own a timeshare, and more so if you do not use it.

Marriott Mountain Valley Lodge

Marriott Mountain Valley Lodge

Timeshare Values – You can get an appraisal done for your timeshare. It is possible to pay someone to produce for you a piece of paper that has the words “Timeshare Appraisal” on it. It is not worth the paper it was printed on. Nuff said.  A comparative market analysis? Compared to what? Traditional home sales have comparable market analyses done for them produced by closed sales data from an MLS system. No such data exists for timeshares. Some timeshare resale specialists with years of experience and thousands of timeshares sold and closed would be able to give you a “ballpark” number if they have sales experience with true comparable timeshare units.

Use a Timeshare Professional to sell your timeshare.

The first question most people ask when they begin the process of selling their timeshare is “how much is my timeshare worth?” or “what will my timeshare sell for?”  While you might not get what you paid for it, it just makes sense to get as much as you can when you sell your timeshare. So the logical choice would be to use a timeshare resale company to sell your timeshare. However, most ad sales people may not have the experience or desire to sell a timeshare property located in another state or country or wade through the process involved through the closing. That’s where a timeshare resales specialist comes to your aid.

The pros at RPMLS.com have sold timeshare properties from well over 1,000 resorts around the world. You just can’t beat experience like that.

The Verdict

What is your timeshare worth to you? Is owning a timeshare putting dread or anger in your life? In that case you should consider your price with that in mind. Save yourself some aggravation and time and price your timeshare to sell fast. You will be happier and the maintenance fees will go away.


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