Connecticut Advised of Timeshare Scams

 Jun, 16 - 2011   no comments   Sell Timeshare Resales

In a recent issue of the Stamford Plus (CT), an advisory was posted by the Department of Consumer Protection: “The Department of Consumer Protection has learned of several resale or transfer companies, such as Timeshare Free, Resorts Rescued, Transfer Smart and Transfer America, which are soliciting consumers in Connecticut. In some cases, these companies do business under several different names. Due to the variety of companies and the wide scope of resale offers, the Department is offering information and advice about the timeshare resale market and the scams that may be taking place in Connecticut.”

The Department admitted in the article that some timeshare resale companies do in fact sell timeshare. However, there is a plague of timeshare scams scattered around the country. More and more of them are getting caught and prosecuted.

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