Colorado, Cabo, Acapulco, Flooding Continues

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If you are planning an early fall vacation you need to be aware of weather effected travel destinations. Most recently Boulder, Co, Cabo San Lucas, Acapulco, and many other areas in Mexico have experienced catastrophic flooding.

In Colorado, most of the western most timeshare resorts have been spared in locations like Breckenridge, and basically anywhere west of Idaho Springs. As the flood waters flow down from the eastern slope of the Rockies, the prairie towns are preparing for a crest of floods.  The overall flood zone has ultimately grown to encompass 17 Colorado counties, including the state’s biggest urban centers, across a normally semi-arid region about the size of Delaware. Boulder, Colorado and the surrounding areas have seen large numbers of rock slides over roads, bridges washing out, and 1,600 homes destroyed.

Here’s how Google shows the flooding, roadblocks, rock slides, and closed bridges:

A tropical storm, although weak, is bearing down on Cabo san Lucas as I write this. Also in the path of this rain soaking weather is Mazatlan – another popular vacation destination. Cabo san Lucas is home to many beautiful timeshare resorts. And Cabo is no stranger to hurricane season. Regardless of what the weather may bring to Cabo they will recover quickly and maintain their status as one of the hottest destinations in this part of the world.

Acapulco Mexico is a disaster. The current flooding has killed 38, made tens of thousands homeless, and stranded thousands of tourists and business travelers. The main airport in Acapulco? The main terminal is waist deep in water. Totally out of commission. The chaos began late last week when tropical storms Ingrid and Manuel converged from the Atlantic and the Pacific, drenching Mexico in massive rainfall that has hit around two thirds of the country. Food is being rationed, power is out, drinking water is almost non existent, roads are blocked, and the city has utterly collapsed.

Officials in Mexico are attempting to establish an “Air Bridge” to Mexico City where both tourists and homeless citizens can find shelter or escape. Acapulco timeshare resorts include Grand Mayan Acapulco, Vidafel Mayan Palace Acapulco, Vidafel’s Sea Garden Acapulco, PHC at Acapulco Playa, and others. Most of the timeshares in Acapulco are located in the “Diamante” area – an upscale portion of Acapulco. Yet this area has not been spared from flooding or the recent surge in violence as Acapulco has become the “Murder Capital” of Mexico. There is no word yet on damages at these timeshare resorts. Without power, phone lines, or navigable roadways it will take some time for timeshare owners to find out how their timeshare resort made out during the flooding.

Acapulco Flooding Timeshare Resort

Acapulco Mexico

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