Choosing A Timeshare Resale Company – It’s All About Trust

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When you are deciding on a timeshare resales company to sell your timeshare figuring out who you can trust is a big issue. Timeshare owners have been warned of scams that are abundant and rightly so. Quite a few of those timeshare scams have been shut down and the individuals held accountable.

In the mean time you still need to sell your timeshare and need professional help to get it done right. That is where the timeshare professionals at come in to play.

Here is how they describe their service:

Experience Counts! 25 + Years of Timeshare Sales Success! Our Timeshare Resale Specialists will:

  • Market your timeshare for sale in the secondary timeshare resale marketplace. Over $100 Million in Timeshare Sales have been produced as a result of targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Find a buyer for your timeshare. Now is a great time to sell timeshare. There are approximately 9.2 million U.S. households interested in acquiring a vacation timeshare in the next 2 years. If you are no longer using your timeshare or you are tired of paying maintenance fees you should sell.
  • Make your timeshare property available to hundreds of timeshare brokers that come to our websites to fulfill their client’s vacation ownership needs.
  • The choice is yours. You pay no commissions when you handle the sale yourself. We will forward buyer leads to you. Or if you prefer a REALTOR® to help you with buyer negotiation, sale contract, escrow, title, etc. then commissions may apply. The RPMLS will automatically point your ad generated leads in the direction of your choice.

Success in timeshare resales is proven when a timeshare is sold and closed. All the rest is smoke and mirrors. Having thousands of visits on a website and incomplete inquiries do not constitute success. All that accomplishes is frustration on the part of the timeshare owner who needs to get the job done.

Get it done. Get your timeshare sold. Just think, no more maintenance fees! That should motivate you.


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