Celine Dion Returning to Las Vegas

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Celine Dion has returned to Caesars Palace in Las Vegas for a new run with a new show. Her last show “A New Day” pulled in over $400 million in five years.

Caesars Palace reports that ticket sales for the new show are even better than her original show. That could point the way to better news for Las Vegas’ 14 percent unemployment rate. It could even point to a better real estate market in Las Vegas. At the end of last year the single family vacancy rate was 5.5 percent. That equals over 7000 empty houses.

Any boost in tourism leads to more jobs. A better job market always leads the way for a better housing market. In the last several years regions with a stable or growing job market like Texas have shown less of an impact from the housing bubble. With any luck, and we know Las Vegas has lots of it, they will follow suit.

The condo and timeshare market will follow suit as well. The sale of condos always lags far behind home sales. But when it comes to timeshares, sales generally follow tourism more than anything else. The timeshare resales market in Las Vegas could use a boost. Because of the huge developments over the last five years, there is a glut of timeshares available from the resorts. If you shop for a timeshare for sale by owner you can save thousands off the retail price.

Buying a timeshare resale always makes sense. Who would not want to save 25 to 50 percent off a large purchase like that? Plus you get all the same amenities and most of the benefits depending on the timeshare resort you buy into.

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