But how did that work out in real life? Is a timeshare an asset like they said at the resort? Or is it a liability – obligation with no end in sight? You don’t need a calculator to find the answer. Keep reading on – timeshare veteran reviews

The Timeshare Resales Blog Home Page With all the debate and criticism of timeshares people want to know, “When Do Timeshares Make Sense?” Timeshares make sense if you like to vacation in a specific spot every year at the same time. Most people have vacation destination preferences. Some prefer mountainous areas, while some want to […]

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Their annual timeshare maintenance fees tripled. Timeshare insurance should have covered the damages by hurricane Irma. Do I have to pay the higher fees? Do I have to pay special assessments? What are my rights as a timeshare owner? I need answers. Expert advice from timeshare veterans.

Want to cancel a timeshare contract in Mexico? Are you concerned about clearing all the hurdles it takes to get your timeshare contract cancelled in a foreign country? I admit the process can be intimidating but once you have a handle on the right agency or agencies to contact canceling your timeshare in Mexico is not so hard. Expert advice on international timeshare sales and transfers.

Misrepresentation – getting sold a timeshare that ends up not being what you thought you were buying. You NEED to know what your rights are when it comes to cancelling your timeshare contract. If there was any misrepresentation in your timeshare sale you have several options. Keep reading to see what they are!