Over $100 Million in Timeshare Sales

you should trust your timeshare sale to the pros at RPMLS.com. When results […]

Should I sell my timeshare now?

A timeshare resale company with many years of experience and tons of sales to prove their […]

Network Plus Timeshare Equals SOLD

successfully closed and funded over $100 million in timeshare sales proves their […]

Successful Timeshare Sales Testimonials

The experts at www.RPMLS.com have sold well over $100 million of timeshares. That is the results you […]

Top Selling Wyndham Timeshares

Wyndham Cypress Palm is presently the number one best selling Wyndham timeshare on the resales market. […]

Two Biggest Myths About Selling Your Timeshare

Once you decide to sell your timeshare and begin the process you will probably come across steps or processes that you do not […]

Two Bedroom Timeshare in Bermuda - You Won't Believe The Price

The price? $1,950! Yes, that’s one thousand nine hundred fifty dollars. That is for a two bedroom unit at the St George’s Club, Rose Hill, St. George, Bermuda. Buy this timeshare […]

Mexico Timeshare Travel - Part Two - Safe and Affordable

How about timeshare resorts in Puerto Vallarta/Nuevo Vallarta? Here is a great list of the top ten best selling timeshares in the region. All of these are in Puerto or Nuevo Vallarta: […]

California Timeshare Reduced Price - Riviera Beach and Spa Resort

The owner of this 2 bedroom Presidential timeshare week 41 (floating) unit is ready to deal with a price of $5,000! California timeshare Riviera Beach and Spa Resort for […]

If You Don't Sell Your Timeshare Now, You'll Hate Yourself Later

Whatever you do, don’t procrastinate.Your timeshare won’t sell itself. Wait much longer, and you’ll have yet another maintenance fee bill for something you don’t […]

Buy This Bay Club of Sandestin Timeshare - $6,900

This timeshare property is being offered for $6,900! This would give you a “floating” week 25 every year at one of the most fabulous beaches of the world! […]

Timeshare Resales - Affordable Luxury Equals Timeshare Resales

The initial cost of your timeshare should not be driven by the pressurized sales force at the resort. That’s why buying a timeshare resale is the best way to […]

Timeshare For Sale - Marriott's Aruba Ocean Club

Awesome deal on this Marriott timeshare in Aruba! Any Platinum Marriott at this price is going to go fast, so check out the details on this Marriott Aruba Ocean Club […]

Orlando Timeshares - Disney World Nearby! RPMLS.com

Buying a timeshare in Orlando would be a wise thing to do if you plan on going to the Orlando/Kissimmee region […]

Timeshares in New Hampshire - Deals on Timeshare Weeks

You can find these New Hampshire timeshare resorts in North Conway, Bartlett, Lincoln, and other spots around the state. Timeshare resorts can be had for a fraction of the developers’ cost when you buy this […]

Timeshares in Orlando - How Many Are There?

Who would want to know that number? What does it matter?

It is a matter of supply and demand. It matters to timeshare owners and those thinking of buying a timeshare in the near future.

A recent news release about a construction company in Winter Park Florida mentioned that they had built 12,000 timeshare units in the […]

Best Selling Timeshares in South Carolina

Timeshares in South Carolina offer so much! Golf, the beach, mild weather, and a touch of the old South. Here’s a list of the top ten best selling timeshares in South […]

Westgate Palace - Timeshare Deal of the Day!

The owner says “Sell my timeshare!”  So here it is: A Week 39 (floating) odd years for $4,950. Great deal since Westgate Palace timeshare is located in the middle of Orlando’s International Drive area. Universal Orlando, Sea World Orlando, and Walt Disney World are all just a short drive away. It also shares a lake […]

Timeshare Videos - Interviews With Resales Experts!

Timeshare videos do exist on youtube and other video sites but most are CEO coat and tie guys selling something. These timeshare videos are of every day workers in the business . . […]

NASA and STS-135 - Atlantis June 28 or July 4

The launch of the final space shuttle mission, Atlantis STS 135, is dependent on the successful launch of Endeavour. With a tentative launch date of May 10th, Endeavour still has problems to be solved with the aft “Load Control […]