Diamond Resorts International Bought for $2.2 Billion

what Diamond has done to set themselves apart from the traditional timeshare week sales […]

The Profit Share Timeshare - Will It Work In New Jersey?

Flagship Resort

Of all the timeshares in New Jersey, most of them are grouped around Atlantic City.

The logical reason is that, at the time when they were built, the timeshare resort owners placed casino gambling high on their list of things to do on vacation.

Recently, the profile of timeshare buyers in New […]

Branson and Silverleaf - There's A Lot Going On!

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4 Tips For Florida Beaches And Summer Vacations

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Before You Buy Or Sell Your Sheraton Vistana Orlando Timeshare Read This

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The Ultimate Sedona Vacation

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Shell Vacation Club - Timeshares With Class

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Marriott's Launch Of Pulse Signals New Timeshare Model

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RCI Platinum? Pack Your Bags For Cuba!

RCI will be offering their RCI Platinum members five night or seven night travel tours to […]

HGV Elara - From 2,200 to 14,000 Points

You could also find terrific deals on the timeshares at HGV Club on Las Vegas Strip, HGV at Las Vegas Hilton, and HGV Club at Flamingo Las […]

Fast Timeshare Sales Info

Timeshares for sale at RPMLS.com are instantly updated the moment the owner makes it available for sale, for rent, or reduces the […]

The Latest Turn In the Starwood - Marriott - Anbang Timeshare Deal

Starwood (mainly Sheraton and Westin) timeshare intervals will be able to continue to use their options and points as […]

Do THIS Before You Buy a Timeshare

If you buy this timeshare NOW you will save $X,000!! This is a one day offer only”. Do your homework, talk to a timeshare resale […]

These 5 Things Will Change The Way You Value Your Timeshare

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Timeshare Deal of the Week! Westin St John

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The Inherited Timeshare - Can I Avoid It?

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Las Vegas on a Budget - The Timeshare Solution

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Acapulco Timeshare Update

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Can I Deduct My Timeshare As A Loss On My Taxes?

You are not generally able to deduct any loss on a timeshare purchase or […]