The Best Way to Buy Timeshare

When choosing a timeshare resale company, be sure they have licensed Real Estate Agents, have been in business for many years, and have a large data base of timeshare weeks to choose […]

Considering Investing in Timeshare?

timeshare is not an investment in the traditional […]

Are You A Good Potential "Upsell" Customer for Timeshare?

convince you to buy more of what you already own: timeshare. They want you to […]

Aruba - Timeshare Paradise - Best Deals On The Web

the top selling timeshares in […]

Fall 2016 Colorado Ski Resort Reports

the best deals remain timeshare rentals. Especially for longer term ski vacations of at least one week or more. […]

Maintenance Fees - Its That Time Of Year

average timeshare maintenance fee in 2005 was $471. The average in […]

Interval's Expansion in Panama

Starting off with the Hard Rock Panama Megapolis: they will be adding 1,500 timeshare […]

Can I Reject A Timeshare Left To Me In A Will?

accepting the timeshare cause a fight in the family? Would it be worth selling the […]

More New Jersey Timeshare News

Atlantic City does have a chance of a major revival. Hotels, timeshare resorts, and the casinos can once again be the center of the […]

What Timeshares Do For The US Economy

impact of timeshares on the economy in the […]

Timeshare Equals High Occupancy

timeshares have proven themselves to have consistently higher occupancy rates and other measurable high performance […]

New Orleans Timeshares and Summer Storms

French Quarter and Garden District were spared from flooding because they were well above sea level. That’s where the timeshare resorts are […]

Cruising With Your Diamond Timeshare

think of the traditional week at their timeshare when they plan their vacation. With Diamond’s The Club, the vacation options […]

How To Buy Timeshare At A Deep Discount

A timeshare resale broker would be the best place to find a timeshare owner who is […]

Marriott and Starwood - Will It Happen Soon?

The timeshare group will be interesting to watch as Marriott and Starwood’s very different systems of points and options vie […]

Jamaica Welcomes the Timeshare Industry

expect ALL the major players in the timeshare development world (Marriott, Hilton Grand Vacations, Starwood, Diamond, Wyndham, etc) to open facilities in […]

Buyer's Remorse For Timeshares

recommend a licensed timeshare resale specialist or timeshare resale broker to handle this for […]

Timeshare Sales Data: What Do The Numbers Tell Us?

10.4 MILLION nights of timeshare were rented out in the US in 2015. […]

Marriott Vacations Worldwide Awards

timeshare related company in the list was Marriott Vacations Worldwide. They landed several awards including Company of the […]

One Really Big Convention in Las Vegas

In Las Vegas . . get all the privileges and enjoy the huge amount of space you get when you stay in a timeshare (versus a cramped hotel […]