How do I cancel my Timeshare?

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How to cancel a timeshare contract

If you could only say “Please cancel my timeshare” and be done with it that would be an awesome thing!

There are so many things in day to day living that we can cancel or unsubscribe to.

I’ve cancelled more than a few fitness center or gym memberships. Even though it wasn’t easy I usually figured out a way to get it done without costing me more money.

Cancelling ITunes subscriptions? I have to do it all the time. Especially when one of my children get my phone and sign me up for all sorts of crazy things!

Cancel a doctor’s appointment? Sure. You just have to do it before it is too late and you get charged a “no show” fee.

Ever cancel your plane ticket? If you have, you probably wished you had purchased insurance on the flight when you paid for it.

How do I cancel my timeshare?

But cancel a timeshare? The only situation that term could work is if you cancel your agreement within the rescission period. That is usually the first few days right after you bought the timeshare. If the rescission period has passed they will not let you simply cancel the purchase contract. Unscrupulous sales people will intentionally fail to mention the rescission period so they don’t lose their sale if you change your mind.

The timeshare resort sales staff is required by law to inform you about the rescission period but the length of that period varies from state to state, and in other countries as well.

A number of timeshare cancellation companies have sprung up in the last few years. They guarantee you will be out of the timeshare contract but you will have to pay several thousand dollars in fees to get it done. What that sort of company will typically do is send a letter to the timeshare resort that you were misled or lied to when you bought the timeshare. They will demand an unconditional cancellation of the purchase agreement – thus getting you off the hook.

The problem is that there is nothing requiring the timeshare resort to do that for you. In fact, several lawsuits have been brought against two of the most prominent companies in the business of cancelling timeshare contracts using “loopholes” to render the contract void.

Timeshare developers actively filing such lawsuits include Westgate, Orange Lake Resorts, (Silverleaf, Holiday Inn), Diamond Resorts, and Berkley Resorts.
They succeeded in shutting down one timeshare cancellation company in Tennessee AND the CEO of one of the companies was disbarred from law practice. Read the whole story here.

So if the bottom line for you is to get rid of your timeshare perhaps you should consult a timeshare resale broker. They can lay out all of the details for you as far as your options are concerned. Plus you would have the assurance of working with professionals who have the credentials and experience to get the job done right the first time.

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