Can you sell your timeshare?

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I know my timeshare resort will not sell my timeshare for me. Why can’t I sell it myself? Does the resort developer have some kind of control over whether or not I can sell it? Would the sale be like selling a home? Do I have to involve the resort at all if I sell my timeshare? I know I can’t put a for sale sign in front of my unit at the resort or sell it like a traditional home, so what do I do?

Once you go down the road of selling your timeshare, questions like these begin to pop up. Confusion comes about because a timeshare looks like a hotel but feels like a vacation home.

You can take comfort in knowing that thousands upon thousands of timeshare owners just like you have succeeded in selling their timeshare.

And you should also note that in order to accomplish the mission (selling your timeshare) you must have professional guidance from someone who has successfully sold timeshare in a variety of situations.

Without a reliable and proven method you will end up going around in circles, losing a lot of money, answering a lot of misguided questions, and wasting a lot of time with buyers who don’t even know what a timeshare is.

For example, if you were to place an ad in a well known newspaper or an online bulletin board would the ad generate calls from people who are looking for a great deal on a whole ownership vacation home or a timeshare? Often I hear from owners who ran their own ads that their phone rang off “the hook” from people looking for a 1 bedroom condo on the beach in Florida that’s only $12,000! Of course they thought they were calling about a beach home, not a timeshare – thinking they would get 52 weeks a year will full ownership.

Running an ad to sell your own timeshare wastes a lot of time with completely unqualified and uninformed buyers. You find yourself having to explain the difference to lots of callers with no real buyers on the line.

Also, you will need nationwide reach to successfully sell your timeshare. A timeshare resale broker with a strong internet presence is what you’d need to get the job done. I wouldn’t leave it to just anyone. It is unlikely that your local real estate agent will know how to market your timeshare for sale – much less get the deal closed once you get a buyer.

Here’s the solution:

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