Kick the Tires or “What to do Before Buying a Timeshare on the Resale Market!”

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gtoMany of us have had the experience of buying a used car: Shopping the ads, going to used car lots, checking the internet ads.  But once you arrive on the used car lot, logic often goes out the window, and emotions take over. That’s what the car salesman is hoping for. Not to say anything bad about the profession of auto sales, but, they are hoping you will overlook the negative aspects of their product and drive one of their cars home that day.

It is wise indeed to do your “due diligence” and check out all aspects of this purchase and make a buying decision based on the right information.  In the process, you will, in fact, save a lot of your hard earned money.

Buying a timeshare on the secondary market has some of the same issues:

  • Are all the maintenance fees and taxes up to date?
  • Are all the “extras” (points, rounds of golf, spa usage, tennis lessons, etc) transferable?
  • Is there a big assessment looming in the future for the owners?
  • Does the resort or resort management company have a history of exponentially raising fees, avoiding owners’ complaints, or neglecting the maintenance of the facility?
  • Will you, in fact, get the next year’s usage?

These questions, and others, will need to be answered before you can say you have done your homework and then move ahead with confidence. You will get what you want at a price that will make you happy: you got a great deal on a timeshare you will use and enjoy. Resale beats Retail!

For example, consider buying a timeshare in Oahu Hawaii, Sedona Arizona, Branson, Key West, Virginia, New York, or Las Vegas at a serious discount!

If you want to move ahead with confidence, check out these deals at

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  • Crash says:

    This is another reason to purchase timeshares resales through a licensed broker who will utilize the services of a licensed and bonded title company. These title companies will require an estoppel letter from the resort or management company which discloses the financial status of the owner timeshare property. This shows whether or not the property has a loan balance, the amount of the maintenance fees and when they are due, and the status of use for the current year. Always use a reputable timeshare broker and title company to buy or sell timeshare on the secondary market.

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