No Timeshares In Alaska? What About . . .

Have you noticed how often cable television programming features Alaska? In the last few years there has been an explosion of “reality television” featuring Alaska. As I write this these are some of the Alaska programs on the air: Alaskan Women Looking For Love, Buying Alaska, Deadliest Catch, Escaping Alaska, Flying Wild Alaska, Bering Sea Gold, and others.

But can I use my banked timeshare to stay in a timeshare in Alaska? You probably could if there were any in Alaska. But, there are none.

No timeshares in Alaska.

Shell Vacation Club Mountainside Lodge - Whistler

Shell Vacation Club Mountainside Lodge – Whistler

What if I could get you close to Alaska? What if I could get you to a timeshare resort that has mountains, copious amounts of snow, and a true wilderness feel?  Then we’d be talking about Canada!

There are plenty of timeshares in Canada.

The Rocky Mountains run from south to north through the western half of Canada. This mountain range is host to a wide array of species of large game animal, fish, birds, and other wildlife. The Banff Rocky Mountain Resort timeshare is located in the heart of Banff National Park, just west of Calgary. Conveniently located close to the Trans Canada Highway, it is easily accessible 12 months a year.

Pacific Shores Resort and Spa is in Vancouver, BC. Enjoy your view of the water from Pacific Shores Nature Resort, located directly on Craig Bay. Right outside your door, the beach offers scuba diving and salmon fishing charters. Five golf courses are within a 20 minute drive. And YES! It has an indoor heated pool.

Fairmont Vacation Villas Riverside - BC, Canada

Fairmont Vacation Villas Riverside – BC, Canada

Fairmont Vacation Villas Riverside can be found on the western slope of the Canadian Rockies. Overlooking the Columbia River Valley, the resort offers ski trails as well as a myriad of other outdoor activities.

Timeshares in Canada include Club Intrawest at Blackcomb, Intrawest Resort Club Blackcomb, Carriage Hills Resort, Banff Rocky Mountain Resort, Shell Vacation Club,  Mountainside Lodge, Fairmont Villas at Hillside, Fairmont Vacation Villas Riverside, Grand Okanagan Resort, Pacific Shores Resort and Spa, Twin Peaks.


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