Can I Get Much For My Timeshare?

Active in timeshare forums lately is the question of “What is my timeshare worth?”

People are considering their timeshare value if they want to sell their timeshare, give it away, assess their net worth, declare bankruptcy, get a divorce and so on. Before assigning a dollar value to a timeshare, be sure to consider what it costs to own it. There are maintenance fees, special assessments from time to time, taxes, and depreciation. Wait! Depreciation? Yes. Timeshares typically do not go up in value over the years. In fact, if you sell your timeshare you will likely get anywhere from 50% to 75% of what you paid for it. That’s the widely known industry standard.

SoldSo what is YOUR timeshare worth? It depends. More than anything else, it depends on supply and demand. How “in demand” is your timeshare? Is your timeshare in a location that is not saturated with thousands or tens of thousands of timeshare unit weeks?

There are a few free tools out there to help you figure out what your timeshare is worth and if it worth selling. The best news about selling a timeshare is getting rid of those maintenance fees. Sort of like the two happiest days of a sailboat owner’s life: the day you buy your sailboat, and the day you sell your sailboat.

You were probably very happy the day you bought your timeshare. I will bet you will be even more happy when you sell it. Most timeshare owners eventually get to that point. They sell and are happy to do so.

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