Succeed In Renting a Vacation Timeshare

Marriott Kauai Beach Club Timeshare Hawaii

Marriott Kauai Beach Club Timeshare Hawaii

You can’t go wrong with renting a timeshare when traveling with friends, children, or simply want something more than a standard hotel room. But do you have the knowledge and skill to negotiate a successful timeshare rental deal? Every savvy traveler should know these ten tips for finding and negotiating a successful timeshare rental.

The timeshare marketplace is a great resource for budget conscious travelers looking for luxury condo accommodations. Timeshare owners advertise their unused timeshare weeks for rent on at rates much lower than renting directly from the resort.

Hawaii Beach Big Island timeshareHowever, every savvy traveler should know these tips for finding and negotiating a successful timeshare rental deal.

Shop Around: Don’t settle for the first timeshare rental you see. Take the time to contact several owners – even if they aren’t advertising the exact week you want. You may find they can change their reservation with the resort for the week you want. 

Negotiate: Because you are dealing directly with the timeshare owners and not the resorts, prices are often flexible. Ask if the rate is negotiable, or make an offer less than the asking price. 

Verify: It is always a good idea to contact the resort directly to verify that the owner you are dealing with actually owns at the resort, and the unit advertised is what the owner has reserved – be sure to ask about the view too. 

Sign a rental contract/use escrow: The best way to ensure your vacation investment is safe is to use a rental escrow service. However, there is a fee. If you prefer the do-it-yourself method, be sure you have a rental contract in place.

Payment Methods: Never, ever pay by wire transfer as it is a method most often used by scammers. Before making payment, ask yourself if you will have proof of payment, is the payment secure, and what is your liability coverage in case something goes wrong?

Confirm your Reservation: Don’t take the owner’s word that the reservation has been placed in your name. Call the resort personally and verify the reservation is in your name and ensure that the owner cannot change the reservation back to his/her name at a later date.

Take Your Rental Contract with You: Your rental contract should have all the information you need should a problem arise: the owner’s name and contact information, and the resort and unit information.

Let Others Know About your Experience: After a successful timeshare rental experience, be sure to add your resort review to the resort page and also send a letter to the timeshare owner letting him/her know of your experience and that you would be happy to serve as a reference to future renters.

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