Timeshare Paparazzi in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta and Beautiful Shoreline

Puerto Vallarta and Beautiful Shoreline

Puerto Vallarta!  The infinitely beautiful waters of the Bahía de Banderas wrap around the beaches of Puerto Vallarta and the tropical mountains provide the backdrop for what could be described as paradise on Earth.

Once you arrive by plane and begin your walk to claim your baggage and find your transportation you will be on what you could call the “red carpet” experience (some call it the shark tank) of arriving in Puerto Vallarta.

You will be treated like a celebrity. Surrounding you will be throngs of people offering assistance of all kinds – things to buy, places to go, help with your bags, and so on.

The ones to watch out for and avoid are the ones who claim to be “your transport” to your hotel or resort – but have another agenda. They can be quite helpful by offering maps, flyers, brochures, tour ideas, and the like. They’ll end their pitch by offering a tour of a timeshare resort and a short presentation. You might even miss that last part. But once you are in their cab, bus, or cart they’ve got you. They’ve made their catch and it is time to deliver you to the timeshare resort where you’ll be held hostage by the Mexican timeshare cartel.

Krystal International Puerto Vallarta Timeshare Resort

Krystal International Puerto Vallarta Timeshare Resort

So just be forewarned. Ignore the barkers claiming to be your transport and find YOUR ride to Paradise Village Spa and Resort, Mayan Palace Nuevo Vallarta, Club Regina Puerto Vallarta, Universal Vacation Club at Villa del Palmar, Villa Del Palmar, Mayan Palace Puerto Vallarta, Buganvilias Resort, Sea Garden Marina Vallarta, Club Velas Vallarta, or Rancho Banderas Villas.

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