When My Timeshare Hurts

Powhatan Plantation fire responseJust two days ago the timeshare resort, Powhatan Plantation, had a fire in one of their buildings. The roof and structure of the attic were damaged, but that seems to be the extent of it.

The James City firefighters responded quickly and were able to put the fire out before too much damage. There were also no injuries reported.

Thank goodness for fire insurance!

But do you know of other timeshare resorts where the owners had to pay for repairs that should have been kept up with? Or after a major disaster like a hurricane, sink hole, or earthquake that damages the timeshare buildings? Especially when the owners had to pay THOUSANDS of dollars in a special assessment as a result?

Summer Bay Timeshare Sink Hole Damage

Summer Bay Timeshare Sink Hole Damage

I have heard more than a few of these stories lately.

Far too many owners are getting billed for maintenance and other expenses that should have been covered by some other fund at their timeshare resort. But instead, their timeshare management decided to bill all the owners and make them pay.


You see, timeshare owners pay maintenance fees every year to keep up the facility so that large repair projects are avoided. Plus, insurance should be able to cover disasters that occur all too frequently.

Once the big special assessment bill comes in the timeshare owner has to decide: Is it worth it to pay the thousands of dollars and keep the timeshare or just default on the payment and get foreclosed on?

There are other choices beside those. Consider selling your timeshare. You get paid, you no longer owe the annual fees OR the special assessments and you are free from the worry of owning a piece of something you no longer use or want.

Sell your timeshare. You will be glad you did.


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