Cabo San Lucas - Timeshare Highlights

Club Regina Los Cabos

Club Regina Los Cabos

Last week an old friend of mine sent me some photos of his family on vacation in Cabo San Lucas. Of course it brought back a flood of memories – not only of a good friend, but of great places to see and things to do in Cabo.

When you mention traveling to Mexico these days most people shiver to think about the drug cartel violence on the border. But for the most part the violence is just that – on the border. The resort towns offer a safer place than you would think. That, in part, is why Mexico tourism is growing by leaps and bounds compared to other international travel spots.

Take Cabo San Lucas for example. How much more can you get removed from the border than at the end of the Baja peninsula on the Pacific Ocean? That would be like putting off a trip to Houston because of violence in St Louis. Cabo San Lucas features over sixty timeshare resorts in a setting that is beyond description. The Pacific Ocean, palm trees, luxury accommodations, and affordable prices make it a favorite for tourists from China, India, Russia, and North America.

cabobeachesOver the last several years ten timeshare resorts in Cabo San Lucas have dominated the timeshare resales market. These timeshare developments have everything going for them and buyers are looking to buy them right now! Here’s the ten top sellers in Cabo:

Pueblo Bonito Rose Resort, Hacienda del Mar, Pueblo Bonito Resort Los Cabos, Club Regina Los Cabos, Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach, Villa Del Palmar Cabo, Playa Grande Resort, Club Cascadas de Baja, Finisterra Club & Resort, Sol Mar Beach Club Resort.

The best selling timeshare in Cabo, Pueblo Bonito Rose, has a description that “sets the bar” for all other luxury timeshares: This awesome resort is located in the mystical, desert landscape of the southern Baja California peninsula. Situated at Land’s End, Pueblo Bonito Rose is surrounded by beautiful coastline, magnificent sea life, and the majestic nature of Los Cabos.

All of the above timeshare resorts in Cabo San Lucas Mexico have great inventory for sale at huge discounts! You’d be buying these from the owner not the resort.


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