There IS A Resale Market for Timeshare!

Snow at Sheraton Mountain Vista

Snow at Sheraton Mountain Vista

I just now read an article written by an attorney who claimed there are only two options for a timeshare owner when it comes to getting rid of their timeshare: defaulting on fees and getting foreclosed on, and paying several thousand dollars for someone to get it out of their name.

What the writer addressed the resales option as “99% unlikely to happen”.

What the writer must be completely unaware of is that there is a robust market for selling your timeshare. You may not get what you’d like out of it but you can get cash for your timeshare by selling it.

Selling your timeshare will only be as successful as the people whom advise you on how to do it. Successful timeshare resales companies in particular. If you pay for a blind ad, throw money into a nameless web business, run your own ad on Ebay or another similar site you will get results that amount to zero.

SoldThe seasoned pros at have sold and CLOSED over $100 million in timeshares. That’s timeshare sales where the owners get the check, not the resort. And remember, once you sell your timeshare the maintenance fee and all the other headaches go away with it.

Done, once and for all. And you get the proceeds from closing.

So my dear writer, you left out the best option for a timeshare owner: have a successful timeshare resales company sell it for you. You will get out from under the timeshare and have cash at closing.


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