The Four Red Flags in a Timeshare Pitch

Sheraton Desert Oasis

Sheraton Desert Oasis

The timeshare pitch I am referring to is when you are trying to sell your timeshare.

First I have to point out that there are reputable timeshare resales companies and brokers who sell timeshares every day for their owners. They do a great job, apply no pressure, make sure all the details are tended to, and are totally professional.

That’s not who I am talking about here.

This timeshare pitch comes when you are looking around for someone to sell your timeshare for you. Whether you call them, they call you, or you fill out an online information form, at some point you will most likely be hit with a series of claims that seem too good to be true.

I already have a buyer for your timeshare!

This is the most common claim the timeshare scam artists use to create excitement for the timeshare owner. After all, the timeshare owner who is ready to get rid of their timeshare is already frustrated, wants a quick solution, and wants to be done with it. What better phrase to hear than “I already have a buyer for YOUR timeshare”?

I guarantee it will be sold in 90 days!

Absolutely no one can guarantee a timeshare sale deadline. No one. It is impossible to predict what day to day changes may impact timeshare sales overall or even at the resort you are trying to sell.

I guarantee a huge profit when it sells!

I have spoken with timeshare owners who truly believed their timeshare week was worth well over $100,000 when I knew for a fact the resort was selling them for far less. How did they come to believe their timeshare was worth so much? Without fail, they had been called by someone who claimed to have a buyer for their timeshare and was willing to pay that much. But of course that sale never materialized. But the owner ended up believing their timeshare was worth far more than any buyer would be willing to pay.

If you manage to recoup what you paid for your timeshare you are fortunate. Most do not.

If you don’t act now the buyer will go away.

Not too unlike the retail sales tactic of “Sale Ends Today!” if you get this urging from someone trying to get several thousand dollars from you – run the other way. If this buyer was looking for so long for exactly what you own you have plenty of time to think about it and check this company out. Time is on your side when you are selling exactly what someone else wants. After all, where else would they go?

Westin St John

Westin St John

Fortunately, those phrases are nowhere to be found among the timeshare resales specialists at For several decades they have been selling timeshares, getting the deals closed and transferred, and making sure the owner gets the sales proceeds.

You can check them out at


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