Now Here's a Great Ski Resort Timeshare Deal! Price Cut In Half

Grand Timber Lodge Pool Snow Timeshare Discount

Grand Timber Lodge Pool Snow Timeshare Discount

FOR  SALE  GRAND TIMBER LODGE $7,500  Odd years, lock out unit, two bedrooms, summer season!

This price is excellent! This 2 bedroom Lock-Off unit is in one of Colorado’s finest ski-in, ski-out Resorts. Use Snowflake Chairlift. Take a short walk to downtown Breckenridge.
Thanks “Wagonwheel Phil” for the tip on this one. For a true ski in ski out resort this is a deal at nearly 50% off retail. Can you say “DISCOUNT?”
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If you want the best Breckenridge skiing experience you absolutely must check this resort out. Here’s a review from someone who stayed there recently: “This is a nice condo for a visit to Breckenridge. The lodge is close to main street with all of the restaurants, bars and entertainment. You are also a short walk to the Gondolas so you have access to the Breckenridge ski area. We spent a lot of time mountain biking and hiking the vast amounts of trails available from the base area of the ski hill.. We really enjoyed biking down the mountain using the lifts on the weekends. “

What is the advantage of buying timeshare on the resale market vs. buying direct from the Resort?

Primarily – because of price! You can buy the very same timeshare accommodations from an individual owner that you could purchase direct from a resort – but always at the lower resale price.

Timeshare buyers have become more educated on vacation timeshare and understand that the resale price can be from 25% to 60% of what they would pay if they purchased at the retail price direct from the resort. Saving money by purchasing on a truly market-based pricing structure makes sense!

Grand Timber Lodge for sale timeshare

Grand Timber Lodge Timeshare For Sale

The only reason anyone ever buys a timeshare from the resort is because they are unaware of the timeshare resale market. There’s no other explanation!

Why would anyone buy exactly the same product for twice the money? Not a problem for chewing gum, but a week at a luxury timeshare resort? Everyone understands the rationale here.

“Friends don’t let friends buy timeshares at the resort!” Not kidding here folks. You could help your friend or family member save $10,000 or more by directing them to a timeshare resale broker who has a track record of closed sales, completed deals, and a team of specialists who know timeshares inside and out.


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