Silverleaf Timeshares - Ready For The Summer?

Silverleaf Seaside Timeshare Resort

Silverleaf Seaside Timeshare Resort

Here’s an update on a timeshare developer not often heard of in the news since they were gobbled up by mega capital investment firm Cerebus: Silverleaf Resorts.

Silverleaf Resorts – Timeshare – operates 13 resorts in Texas, Missouri, Massachusetts, Illinois, Georgia and Florida. They have over 113,000 owners of timeshare. And from the looks of it they will soon have more. The more financing and collecting capability they have the more timeshares they can sell. So the heat is on with Silverleaf. Not FOR Silverleaf, but for the sales force who have potential timeshare buyers sitting in front of them.

Silverleaf Hill Country Timeshare Resort overlooks Canyon Lake

Silverleaf Hill Country Timeshare Resort overlooks Canyon Lake

This is all thanks to the multi billion dollar equity firm Cerebus. They own everything from Safeway to Albertsons, to SuperValu. Cerebus has been in and out of owning everything from Pharmaceuticals to paper to government services, firearms, automotive, financial services and just about anything else you can imagine.

So what does this all mean? Taking a Silverleaf timeshare tour this summer? Be aware that the sales people have more financing behind them now and are ready to push for sales. Getting flipped to the manager. Being lured with all kinds of promises.

If you want to buy or sell your Silverleaf timeshare you need to consider how the timeshare resale market works. You need to use a Timeshare Resale Broker to facilitate a timeshare sale. They would not only facilitate the sale but work for you to negotiate deals, take care of the paperwork, and make certain the deal closes in a timely fashion. All under the protection of license, codes of ethics, and training.

Buying or selling a timeshare need not be a nightmare. Trust is the key. Use a timeshare resale broker and your worries will go away.

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