Should I Sell My Timeshare On "BobsList"?

Classified advertisingWant to sell your timeshare?

Want to do it yourself and avoid all those fees?

Why not sell it on one of those community based online sales formats?

Let’s just make up an online sales website as an example: “Bobslist”.

You write an ad describing your timeshare’s amenities, size, availability, and season. Maybe you attach a few snapshots you took when you were there. You might be a little unclear about what your deed describes but at least you know it is in Las Vegas.

Who is the resort management company?

How is the title transferred?

Coconut Beach Resort Key West

Coconut Beach Resort Key West

Do I use a title company?

Who do I notify at the resort about the transfer of ownership?

What is a “right of first refusal” and does my resort do that?

Who gets the next week’s usage?

What about my weeks in the bank? They are mine, aren’t they?

What if I get a maintenance fee bill while it is in closing?

What if I get a maintenance fee bill after closing?

If it is in another country, who can legally transfer the title and what paperwork is required?

Will I have to attend a closing?

How many people will call me off of my ad thinking I am selling a whole ownership condo for a very low price?

How many times will someone call me who does not even know what a timeshare is?

You can see the issues that come up when you run an ad to sell something like a timeshare for sale on any site. You have to be able to accurately describe what you are selling or the deal will most certainly fall through. And the closing process could take a long time especially if the timeshare is in Hawaii, Mexico, or Canada.

Here is the solution: use a timeshare resale broker. It is worth it to pay a professional to get the job done right the first time.



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