Is Now The Time To Sell My Timeshare?

Have you ever heard of the Ben Franklin T? It is a tool Ben Franklin used in making decisions. Here’s how it goes: At the top of the page you’d write your question that needs an answer. Then you draw a T in the center of a piece of paper. On the left hand side of the T you write the word Pro/For and on the right side Con/Against. Next you begin to fill in all the aspects of the decision for/against on the corresponding sides.

Deciding to Sell Your Timeshare

Should You Sell Your Timeshare?

Some people also assign “weight” to each factor – depending on how important that factor is. At the end you have a pretty clear picture of how the decision should go.

Such is the case with selling your timeshare.

What are the reasons to keep your timeshare? Here are the most common ones: It may save you vacation dollars. More space. Less expensive than a vacation home. Access to multiple vacation destinations through exchange.

Ben Franklin Famous Quote

Ben Franklin Famous Quote

What are the reasons to sell your timeshare? Here are the most common ones:

No appreciation in value.

Expensive maintenance fees.

Unexpected assessment fees.

No longer use it.

Limited options.

Your money is tied up.

A feeling you were misled at the initial purchase.

Change in circumstances.

Familial changes.

Once you have made your T and listed the reasons for and against with weights assigned, the answer should be more clear. I have used the Ben Franklin T many times and have made the right decisions when doing so.

If you decide to sell your timeshare do your homework and do it right the first time. Don’t fall victim to non professional scams that will leave you even more sorry you bought a timeshare in the first place.

And once you decide, don’t look back. You made this decision based on your list of pro’s and con’s.

Ben Franklin would be proud.

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