Sedona Pines Resort - Today's Timeshare Deal!

Sedona Pines

Sedona Pines

Offered at $3,995, this Sedona, Arizona timeshare resort is ready to be scooped up right away! This one is a one bedroom unit, available annually, and is in the top ten timeshare resorts in resales in Arizona.

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Sedona Pines Timeshare Resort

Sedona Pines Timeshare Resort

More about Sedona, Arizona.

The hiking trails of Sedona are famous. The region boasts more than 100 different trails, each offering its own unique experience. Most lead into the red rocks. The most popular is the Cathedral Rock Trail, which starts about four miles south of the “Y” intersection. It offers great views of one of Sedona’s most notable red rock formations – Cathedral Rock.

One of the natural wonders of Sedona would be the Vortexes. Sedona’s visitors often hear talk of vortexes, which are cyclones of energy that come directly from the earth. The Airport Vortex, Cathedral Rock Vortex, The Boynton Canyon Vortex, and Bell Rock Vortex are the four primary vortexes of the area. Tours are abundant for all of them.

The Spas of Sedona, the Chapel of the Holy Cross, Red Rock State Park, Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village, Verde Valley Wine Trail, Palatki Heritage Site, Slide Rock State Park, and Sedona Heritage Museum round out the list of the best things to do while in Sedona, Arizona.

“The last time I was in Sedona I” asked a waiter where I could go hear a live band. I was thinking classic rock or maybe blues. He sent us to a place where we waited and when the music started it was a pan flute accompanied by a harp.

Typical Sedona I guess. If I really wanted the other I should have stayed in Phoenix.


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