Renting Your Timeshare For Cash!

Wyndham Resort at Fairfield Mountains

Wyndham Resort at Fairfield Mountains

Every year you pay the maintenance fee.

Every year you plan to take your timeshare vacation.


Every year you may not be able to take your vacation. Work schedules get in the way, emergencies arise, plans change and your timeshare sits there unused.


You rent your timeshare.

Do you know how you’d go about renting out your timeshare? Does your timeshare resort help the owners rent out their timeshare? Did they promise they’d help you rent it out but never came through?

You can rent out your timeshare and pay off your maintenance fee and have a little (or a lot) left over to put in your pocket. The most reliable way to do this is to use a timeshare resale broker with reliable experience to get the job done and make sure you get paid.

Tahiti Village Las Vegas

Tahiti Village Las Vegas

That way you are assured you will get paid when the rental is done. A rental agreement is correctly prepared releasing you from any liabilities for what may happen when strangers are renting out your timeshare. Someone else will sort out all the calls about the timeshare rental and get a commitment to pay for the rental. And someone else will make sure the reservation is set in the renter’s name.

Your only involvement would be to make sure your week is available by keeping your maintenance fee up to date and making an arrangement with a timeshare broker. The rest would be up to the professionals who do this on a daily basis and thus protect you the owner.

What are your chances of renting out your timeshare? All year round, timeshare resorts report a much higher percent of rooms occupied than even the best hotels. Hotels just cannot compete with timeshares when it comes to amenities, service, room, and service timeshares offer. In fact, for several years now, Hawaii has built 1 or 2 hotels. At the same time, construction has either completed or started for over ten timeshare resorts. There is that much demand for timeshares!

Are you going to let your timeshare go vacant this year?  Don’t let it sit empty. Rent it out and make some cash.

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