RCI VS II - The Getaways

Marriott Timber Lodge Timeshare - Interval International

Marriott Timber Lodge Timeshare – Interval International

Who has the better “Getaway” plan? Two exchange companies make the offer to rent a timeshare week without owning it or paying an extra maintenance fee.

So whose is the best: RCI or II?

Interval International’s plan is the Getaway: starting at $225 you can rent a week at a timeshare with all seasons open and most resorts available. They also offer a Best Price Guarantee ensuring you will always get the best deal for the week possible.

RCI has a plan called Extra Vacations getaways. They are just like RCI exchange vacations – “you can get the same spacious resort-style accommodations, benefits and amenities that you expect from an RCI vacation! Pricing starts as low as $399USD per week, that comes to only $57USD per night.” (source) RCI also has the Best Price Guarantee! I guess if the timeshare resort you pick is exchanged by both RCI and II you’ll always get it at the II price of $225.

Pueblo Bonito Rose Timeshare Resort Cabo San Lucas

Pueblo Bonito Rose Timeshare – RCI

The differences? Right away you can see the price difference of roughly $175. But RCI has about twice as many locations to choose from versus Interval International.

My favorite? Interval International. Best prices and often the nicer timeshare resorts with plenty of choices to get to the location I’d like to stay in.


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