Platinum Marriott Deal of the Week!

Marriott Grand Chateau Las Vegas Timeshare 3

Marriott Grand Chateau Las Vegas Timeshare

Here it is! Marriott’s Grand Chateau75 E Harmon Ave, Las Vegas, NV, two bedroom lockout, platinum, annual use and the owner is asking $6,995.00.

That’s a killer of a deal for a platinum Marriott timeshare anywhere! Follow the link above to make a bid on this Las Vegas Marriott timeshare.

Or if you like you can browse through the other Marriott Grand Chateau timeshares for sale. But, you won’t find a better deal. At least not today. You never know when a timeshare owner will drop their price to get rid of their timeshare. Some timeshare owners get so desperate that that will pay someone to take their timeshare from them. And they pay thousands of dollars for the privilege to do it.

Marriott Grand Chateau Timeshare Las Vegas

Marriott Grand Chateau Timeshare Las Vegas

Sell your timeshare before it gets to that desperate of a point. There are options that you can have confidence and trust in. A timeshare resale broker is someone you could trust with selling your timeshare.

They, as a broker, are held to a higher standard that the ordinary telemarketing outfit. They hold a license, answer to several regulatory agencies, have to take continuing education training, and stand to lose everything if they act anything but professional.

Selling your timeshare should not bring you sleepless nights and huge anxiety. That’s why you with a professional. They do the negotiating for you, and follow through to close all the loops, finish the transaction, and make sure you get paid at closing.

Read what this broker has to say about the advantages of timeshare resales brokers, “It is a specialized field of real estate that requires specialized marketing expertise and a timeshare reseller network.  It is global in scope, with buyers coming from any state or country. Timeshare has unique characteristics requiring extensive knowledge and experience.  Inexperience in this field of sales can be troublesome to both buyer and seller.”

There’s more to selling your timeshare than you’d first think. It will not be as easy as they made it seem when you first bought it at the resort while on vacation.

In the mean time, if you’d rather buy timeshare, don’t forget about the Marriott deal. Great price for a Platinum Marriott Timeshare!!



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