Orange Lake Buys Silverleaf Timeshares

The Beach at Orange Lake

The Beach at Orange Lake

Orange Lake announced in May they have purchased Silverleaf Resorts for an undisclosed amount. This has roughly doubled the size of Orange Lake / Holiday Inn timeshare resorts. Silverleaf is a  vacation ownership company that operates 13 vacation properties across six states in the eastern half of the U.S. It has more than 3,000 employees and serves approximately 120,000 members.

Pool at Orange Lake Kissimmee

Pool at Orange Lake Kissimmee

Orange Lake Holdings is the parent company of Orange Lake Resorts and Silverleaf Resorts, encompassing 26 resorts and 7,200 villas in the U.S., with over 320,000 timeshare owners and 6,000 employees (after acquiring Silverleaf).

From the Silverleaf family of timeshare resorts they are bringing – Silverleaf Hill Country Resort, Silverleaf’s Piney Shores, Silverleaf’s The Villages, Silverleaf’s Holiday Hills, Silverleaf’s Ozark Mtn Resort, Silverleaf’s Holly Lake Ranch, Silverleaf’s Fox River Resort, Silverleaf Presidents Fairway, Silverleaf’s Lake O’ The Woods, and Orlando Breeze Resort Club  and three others.

The Orange Lake / Holiday Inn group of timeshares included  Orange Lake Country Club Holiday Inn Club Vacations, Sunset Cove Resort, Panama City Beach Resort, Bay Point Resort, Cape Canaveral Beach Resort, Desert Club Resort, South Beach Resort South Carolina, Smoky Mountain Resort, Galveston Beach Resort, Ascutney Mountain Resort, Williamsburg Resort, Lake Geneva Resort.

Now that there are 26 timeshare resorts in all, the owners from both groups have many more choices if they choose to trade within their own timeshare group. The Orange Lake owners now have many more options that include fishing, lake water sports, Gulf of Mexico locations, and golf.  The options of using Orange Lake’s Williamsburg and Ascutney timeshare resorts give the Silverleaf owners some new and interesting choices.

Overall it looks to be a good deal for both sides as long as fees don’t take a big hike (they shouldn’t). In fact, things may run more efficiently now and cost less to manage.




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